City Desk Shakespeare 400 Chicago - Highly Recommended

Newcity Stage - Recommended

Buzz News - Recommended


3 Sisters

The Chicago Reader - Somewhat Recommended



The Chicago Reader - Recommended


An Impressive Presentation of Lovely Evidences

The Chicago Reader - Recommended


The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez

Chicago Critic - Highly Recommended

Chicago Reader - Highly Recommended

Chicago Stage Standard - 2.5/4 stars

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"There's something in me that wants to steal the holiness" 
Melissa Lorraine of Theatre Y prepares to open The Binding, inspired by a Jewish apocryphal text and driven by movement, in a Logan Square church.     By Laura Molzahn


"A girl between a rock and a very lonely place"
"[Lorraine] plies her character’s grim magic with such angry conviction that you may well pinch your arm to make sure it’s still made of flesh. But your emotions, at least, are likely to remain raw and human.  The elfin [Lorraine] is an almost elemental presence."  'I Killed My Mother,' Andras Visky's Play, at La Mama.  By BEN BRANTLEY 

Quotes about Our Performances

Once again, Theatre Y creates a production that is as extraordinary in vision and delivery as it is provocative and captivating. Nuanced, eviscerating, staggering emotional authenticity..,with fantastically stylized kaleidoscopic surrealism.
— Chicago Stage Review
Of all of the deserved accolades that can be lavished on Theatre Y’s mission and breathtaking work, perhaps the most accurately deserved is an imagined prescient hypothetical. If they were creating their art under a corrupt and brutal regime, they would no doubt have already been imprisoned and would quite possibly be dead by now. Given that peculiar theoretical paradigm, when viewing their work it is as if you are watching the ghosts of great artists poignantly, vehemently and posthumously rage against the very structural machine of human deprivation. Even in a “free” country, Theatre Y’s work is beautifully subversive. Since we are always just an election or two away from the potential of crushing suppression, their insight is always imperatively relevant.
— Chicago Stage Review
“Far beyond routine. Mesmerizing, riveting, energized, ambitious, articulated, bold...damn good theater.
— Chicago Stage Standard
“A brilliant interpretation of a brilliant play.”
— Chicago Reader