Since our inception, Theatre Y has strived to make theatre accessible to everyone in Chicago.

We have now found a way!

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The FREE THEATRE MOVEMENT is similar to NPR’s Public Access Membership. As little as $5/month guarantees you a seat to each Theatre Y performance and ensures FREE THEATRE for the entire community. We invite you to be at the forefront of our FREE THEATRE MOVEMENT. With each level of membership you receive greater access to Theatre Y.


IN THE HOUSE - $5/MO. ($60/YR.) - Guaranteed seat and drink for any show

IN THE PROCESS - $10/MO. ($120/YR.) - All previous level awards - Invitation to view Theatre Y Ensemble Suzuki Training

IN THE KNOW - $20/MO. ($240/YR.) - All previous level awards - Theatre Y calendar

IN PRINT - $50/MO. ($600/YR.) - All previous level awards - Front row seat to any show - Bound/signed copy of scripts 

IN THE FLESH - $100/MO. ($1200/YR.) - All previous level awards - Plaque in the lobby - Invitation to attend rehearsal 

ENGRAVED - OVER $1200/YR. - All previous level awards - Plaque in lobby and naming rights to the space

Each Membership Level includes an invitation to the annual Theatre Y Member Party to celebrate the beautiful community of individuals making the work of Theatre Y accessible to ALL!

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Charity is made complete when it is grounded in solidarity....While charity may help those on trial by the system, solidarity may put the system itself on trial. It not only gives resources, but it actively works to change the very systems that unfairly put resources into the hands of some at the expense of others. Solidarity says, "I don't want to benefit unfairly from a system that is unjust"....Solidarity is born of knowing that we are all connected and so the choice of "us" versus "them" is a false one.

- Tad Hargrave (Youth for Environmental Sanity - YES)


Our goal is to have 325 members by the end of 2020 in order to continue offering RADICAL HOSPITALITY!

THEATRE Y creates poetic and physical theater, mines the contradictions of the human experience and challenges audiences to find universally shared meaning.

Theatre Y is an international laboratory of theatrical experimentation. Our global collaborations highlight values, issues, and aesthetics common across cultures, allowing the audience to search for the truths of our human condition particularly as seen through the contradictions and diversity of our experiences. In 2016, Theatre Y formed an ensemble, comprised of 14 artists, who continuously train and perform together. This collective draws from its combined expertise to inspire and challenge one another as we continue creating performances that captivate, challenge, and expand both ourselves and the community. It is our goal to not only make theatre accessible to everyone, but to also foster and sustain a shared communal experience and dialogue through performances, panel discussions, exhibitions, actor training and children’s education.

We invite you to join our FREE THEATRE MOVEMENT


“If they were creating their art under a corrupt and brutal regime, they would no doubt have already been imprisoned and would quite possibly be dead by now. Given that peculiar theoretical paradigm, when viewing their work it is as if you are watching the ghosts of great artists poignantly, vehemently and posthumously rage against the very structural machine of human deprivation. Even in a ‘free’ country, Theatre Y’s work is beautifully subversive.” — Chicago Stage Review

“Theatre Y does insistently difficult work: heterodox, cerebral, often dark in that Manichaean way specific to eastern-European drama.” — The Chicago Reader

“Far beyond routine. Mesmerizing, riveting, energized, ambitious, articulated, bold...damn good theater.” — Chicago Stage Standard